If you follow the blog Family Ever After, you will have already noticed that sign-ups for the second season of SEW-VIVOR are currently taking place. I followed Season 1 and told myself I would enter when Season 2 came along.  So when they announced Season 2 link-ups starting, I hesitated. What do I enter? I sew mostly handbags and other smaller accessories, what if everyone makes these fantastic maxi  dresses, or those cute girly baby bloomers with homemade ruffles?

But as I followed the links, my bloggy friend Janelle from Emmaline Bags and Patterns posted her entry and how she was going to give it a try. So after a quick e-mail she convinced me to sign -up.  *Thanks for the boost Janelle!*.  She has the most adorable Cradle Purse tutorial she’s entering.

My entry will be this Japanese-inspired carry-all. No, I do not have a name for it. PLEASE give me some suggestions! I’ve posted a few shots of this bag in a previous post here. This is an adjustable double-strapped sack with a magnetic closure and plenty of pockets on both sides.  If you want a shorter look, use the double strap. Want a cross body with a long strap? Pull up on one of the straps to make it one giant strap. The carry-all measures 18″ wide x 14″ tall, fully opened.


Head on over to Family Ever After for complete instructions on how to enter and what will be required of you as you enter each stage. There are a ton of great sponsors, prizes, discounts and talented judges. So if you are looking for a sewing/crafting challenge and a way to see tons of other great blogs, head on over. Good Luck!!

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  1. Yay! You entered!! Great bag too, love it. Hmmm…. I have some friends that live by Sapporo, so I would call it the Sapporo Slouch Bag, or the Cherry Blossom (Sakura?) because they are my fave! Good Luck! Janelle

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