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Today I wanted to share two sewing tools that have recently made their way into my studio. One tool is older and one is a new purchase from the quilt show last weekend. I love playing with new sewing tools, but in the end I won’t buy them if it’s not something I’d use on a regular basis.  My studio is a spare bedroom and space is limited, so I have to be sure I have a place to store these goodies!

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1.   Here’s the oldie:  HEM-RITE   * Original All-Purpose Hemming Gauge*  Made in the USA, this tool was patented  between 1957-    1961 by Western Color-Graphics in Portland, Oregon.  ( I believe Dritz makes them currently and can be found online and most likely at your local craft store. )

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This came from the estate sale I went to last year. There were no instructions, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.  You can see by the picture that if you need straight hems or curved hems you can achieve them with this tool.  The bottom, more subtle curve can be hemmed from 1/4″ – 2  1/2″. Your straight edge can go up to 5/8″.  If you flip it over, you can hem up to 4″ in several curves. All are clearly marked. I have used this SO many times for making straps, pockets, etc.  Plus it’s made of what appears to be a thin metal so you can iron it! Ah, love the perfect straight edge.

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2.  New – PERFECT BOX BOTTOM * Made in the USA by JesSab. ©2011 – JesSab – Sherry Sandlin & Teena Ragan. Patent Pending *

I purchased this from a small booth last weekend after seeing the demo (of course!).  If you make lots of handbags where you box off the bottom this tool makes sure you have an accurate sewing line every time. The tool comes with very nice color pictures explaining each step.

photo 2

All you do is basically bring your corner to a point. Pin, then slip it through the size slot. Mark on the bottom edge, remove and cut! This tool has slots for 2-7″ if you need a deeper box you can create one easily. The Perfect Box Bottom can also be used to mark equal width lines to attach straps.

The only problem you’ll find is that if you are working with a pattern with lots of bulk, it may not fit into the slots (which are about 1/4″ tall).  JesSab also has a video tutorial here and a website if you’d like to see it in action.

Now you have some more tools to try!  I just love to see sewing tools both old and new. Are you a tool hoarder?  What are your favorite unique tools?  Enjoy your Thursday~


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  1. hi
    Im looking for a web site or somewhere to buy the perfect box bottom tool cant seem to buy it from here and im in england to


    1. I bought mine from a craft fair, so you may have to hunt online or try to make some yourself using items you may see at the craft store. 🙂 Cindy

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