I am totally LOVING this week’s Zakka 2.0 Patchwork, Please! sew-along chapter. This is my completed Piece-of-Cake Shopping Bag. If you have been following along with the sew-along, each week we are completing a project in the book Patchwork, Please!. This was the first bag/accessory item in the book I’ve done and now that it’s completed, I want to make a ton more! This thing is HUGE!

photo 4-10The finished bag measures 12 1/2″H x 14 1/2″W x 8 1/2″D.  You’re probably thinking that isn’t that big Cindy, but it really is. Read on to see why.  Because it is a shopping bag, Ayumi suggested a more heavy weight material along with cotton for the cover and laminated fabric for interiors.  I changed mine up a bit to use some of my stash, but I kept with the actual pattern and off I went.  Here is what I changed:

photo 1-11I used 10oz. painters drop cloth instead of linen or other fabrics.  This is heavy and thick, perfect for a shopping tote. I had no problems sewing with it, but it does tend to fray a bit of fray-check worked wonders.

photo 1-12I did not use interior lining with this pattern.  What I did instead was double stitch each seam, then on the interior, I used a 1/2″ cream twill tape to cover the exposed seam.  It also looked nicely stitched on the exterior.

photo 2-11I used a natural 1/4″ rope with knotted ends for the drawstring closure.  From this angle, you can see just how big this bag really is!  I can’t give away too much info, but it’s all in the pattern!  The drawstring top fabric is from Cranston Print Works Co. made in the USA. It’s a little thicker than your everyday quilters cotton, but I love the patchwork print and looked great with the painters cloth.

Next week’s chapter is a cute little patchwork box pouch. I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for some time so I can’t wait to dig into my scrap bins!  For now, I’m back to the studio to take the next set of pictures for my bag tutorial coming up soon!  ~Cindy~

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  1. Your bag looks terrific and I love your clever change-ups – like finishing the seams inside the bag! I made mine last night and am a little overwhelmed by it! But I didn’t use as heavy as fabric as you, which I probably should have. Anyway, so glad you are enjoying the sew along!!

    1. Your bag looks great too! I really need to find some of that vinyl to try!

  2. Your bag is the cutest I’ve seen yet from this project. I love the painter’s cloth idea, because I just can’t see myself using up that much linen or any other “good” fabric for something that big, that will get lots of use. Practical and pretty – congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks Amy!! That was my main thought going into it….do I really want to use all my linen for something that will probably get food gunk in/on it LOL!! The weight of the linen was also a concern, so with the 10oz painters canvas it was sturdy enough to put a lot of groceries in it.

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