Virginia Beach 2014!


Oh Virginia Beach, how I love you so….

2014-07-14 09.05.11

Last week was our annual family vacation at the beach. We’ve been able to stay in the same beach house for the past 5 years, so it’s such a sense of comfort to walk up the familiar stairs and sit at the same place on the beach.  We still had a blast, but you know the feeling when a key piece to the puzzle is missing, right?  I flew with the boys last Saturday and arrived to bright sunny skies and plenty of cool sand and water to take a nice long walk.

2014-07-17 09.35.01

The first half of the week was bright and sunny. We had a nice round of mini-golf, spent sooo much time in the water and went to the movies (Earth to Echo and Transformers – Thumbs Up). We also had our first whole rain day mid-week, but did manage to get in some fishing time though.  Last year we caught over 80 fish. This year? 10 + 1 crab. We love to fish here in the mornings because not only are all the seagulls and pelicans out, but we always have a nice dolphin show to watch.

2014-07-16 09.04.04

I couldn’t resist this picture of T. Poor kid almost took a swim after reeling in some seaweed! He held on though with a little help from his grandad.

2014-07-16 08.54.06 HDR

2014-07-16 08.47.26

Our foggy walk along Sandbridge Beach.  Pretty view, but much better in the sun!  The end of the week brought cooler temperatures and lots of riptides.  It was so bad Friday that the county lifeguards had no – swim warnings up everywhere.  In 7 years at this beach I have never seen seas this rough before and temperatures in the upper 70’s! Weird, but much more enjoyable than the 100 degree temps last summer! So we spent the rough days building sandcastles and burying small children….

2014-07-14 10.17.56

Have to sneak in one last picture… My 13yo is now into selfies. Seriously? But if it allows me a second or two to snuggle up with my boy I’m all for it.

2014-07-14 10.00.58 copy

Thanks for hanging out and looking at our first summer adventure!  I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the handmade travel items I brought with me. Have a great Wednesday! Cindy

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