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What a crazy week in our neck of the woods!  I’ve been trying to update on my IG with things I’m working on, but sometimes that is even hard.  Most of the craziness involves the little men in the house,  but mostly with me.  I am the lucky scout mom for the next two weeks who gets to work with middles Webelo 2 Den on their Showman Badge.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to help out my boys and their activities when I can.  The problem? I’m just not a theatrical person!!  So I’ve been getting into teacher mode planning lessons on how 6 – 11yo boys are going to write, create, and perform a short puppet skit in a few weeks.  We meet in a few hours so wish me luck!

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After picking up a few books on hold for me at our local library, I realized I haven’t done an “On My Bookshelf” post in some time.  So here are a few books on my bookshelf right now.  All craft related, but still very different!

IMG_0252This is a new one for me.  Everything Patchwork – 40 classic quilts, bags and accessories by Corinne Crasbercu.  Made in France.  What an pretty book! I have only flipped through it, but it looks good!  Most of the book are images of the finished products with the directions and patterns towards the back.  Better have a scanner with a good enlarge button, because there is no CD or pattern pull-out.

IMG_0253These two books I purchased through my distributor, so they are all mine!  I have been doing a lesson from these books here and there, but they will be an invaluable resource as I become more familiar with EQ7.  It’s just amazing what you can do!

IMG_0251This one has been on the waiting list for some time, so I plan on attacking this one first because it’s due next week.  Yoko Saito’s Japanese Quilting – Piece by Piece.  What can I say about Yoko Saito? Her work is perfectly imperfect and a treat to see and read about..  I have a feeling this one is going on my Christmas wish list.


Finally! My new issue of Quilty and LPQ.  Again, pages and pages of fun to look at and get ideas from!

I will have to space out my time reading all my new goodies.  Good thing they fit into most of my bags so I can take then to karate classes, scouting activities and car pool lines!

What books have you been reading lately that you’ve really enjoyed?  I’m always up for a great new find. Cindy

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