Many of you know that knitting is the one craft I don’t really *do*.  Well, I’d like to but I don’t seem to have the skill for it.  My many attempts at scarf making has yielded a scarf with a few large random holes and one with severe tension issues.  So while I love seeing Instagram feeds with beautiful knitted items, mine will never be one of them.

knitting without needles

Before Christmas I started seeing images about new book called Knitting Without Needles by Anne Weil. The name alone grabbed me for the pure fact that the words -without needles- was in the title.  I put it on my Christmas list and my wonderful husband and boys gave it to me on Christmas Day.

IMG_4133The book has beautiful images of each project along with easy to understand directions and complete materials lists.  My favorite part of the book hands down is the step-by-step shots on how to cast on and do the basic stitches.  Perfection. I’m such a visual learner so this was exactly what I needed.


After looking through all the beautiful projects I chose the simple infinity scarf to start with. I bought two super bulky purple skeins of Alpaca Blend yarn by Buttercream (available at JoAnn’s).   Before I began,  I spread out my supplies, the pattern, my arms, and my trusty iPad with When Calls the Heart on and began.


First row on! Success!


It was fun to see the scarf forming as I continued.  I was a bit concerned about my yarn weight at first, but in the end it was just fine.   I may try to use a thicker one next time just to see the difference.


Here she is! Freshly cast off and stretched out on the floor.  The last step was to weave the ends together. This is the only place I struggled.  Not because of how it was shown and described, but because I just wasn’t happy with how mine looked.  It took some wiggling and rearranging, but I’m so happy with the turnout.


Thank you to my 12yo son who took this quick shot of me with my finished scarf.  From start to finish, this took maybe an hour?!  And I have enough leftover yarn to make a matching cap too! Then again, maybe I want to make the floor mat. Or pouf. Or pillow. Or throw………  Lovely book. I highly recommend it!


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