After a loonnngg preorder, my copy of 500 quilt blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy (Lily’s Quilts ) and Kerry Green (verykerryberry) arrived Monday afternoon.  It’s a nice solid hardback measuring a little over 6″ x 6″. And at 288 pages, I am reading a bit of it each night after the boys go to bed. This book is wonderful and full of great ideas. My favorite is a modern spool block that has been made 4 times and used to create a fabric tied yarn bin.


Now for the knitting update.  After a full day of looking at tutorials on the knit and purl stitch and how do to one after the other (which was my issue) I thought I understood how to do a “seed stitch”…
photo 2

Anyone see seeds there? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I unraveled and cast on again. And again. And again.  Still missing something. Then I found the blog of Very Pink Knits and her YouTube page.  Success! Not only does she go slow and repeat, I can watch it in slow-motion to see what I’m missing with the seed stitch. So last night I tried again and after 4 rows I think it’s looking like something!  I will continue to knit it hopefully share my progress in a few days.

With projects and custom orders done, I am slowing down a bit to work on some personal items and some bag designing on my iPad.  I recently found this really cool quilt in a Chinese design magazine. From what I can understand from the pictures and some phrases I recognize, it uses a ton of scraps pieced together along a long vertical strip. After these are pieced together to form a larger square, they are cut up again to look like they do below.  I’m going to try and use my app to translate as much as I can then improvise. I’ll keep you posted.

photo 1

Also in the works at Raspberry Sunshine is a big Etsy store sale! It will officially be a *Moving* sale,  soon so stay tuned for links and discount codes! I want to try and sell off as much stock as I can before we go, so if you want to start seasonal gift shopping, this is the place!


Before I go, I had to share a pic of youngest working on his daily math worksheet. He’s been struggling a tad with the double digit subtracting, so I brought out my bin of safety pins and had him use them to solve some of the harder problems.  He thought using my sewing tools and gadgets for homework was so cool so that assignment was a breeze. He’s so cute, isn’t he?

Have a great hump day!  ~Cindy~

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