Time to Reflect and Share All. The. Bags!

All the craziness of 2017 is finally behind me. It was all-consuming and stressful, but  I’ve come out of it wiser, stronger and ready to embrace the bright fresh new year ahead of me.  In the fog of 2017 I did take a lot of photos of projects, tester bags, book reviews and more…..just had to slow down the blog to move the family back home to Orlando. Yes, HOME!! So happy to finally be near our families and the glorious sunshine and warmth.  

In October 2011 I started blogging in my Charlottesville, VA basement. Shortly after I jumped into the bag-making world by buying my Juki 8700-7, not even knowing how to make a usable bag!  6 years later I am making bags for International Quilt Market, testing patterns for wonderful handbag designers, and even making patterns of my own!  My Etsy shop is small but mighty and through that outlet I have sewn custom ordered bags for people all over the country.  I am SO proud to say I’m a self-taught handbag designer! Even if it has taken years of research, trial and error, long sessions with a seam ripper and destroyed fabric, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  My drive and love of sewing and handbags has brought me to where I am today.

I have so many bags to share with you that have been photographed and ready to go.  So stay tuned and get ready for some over-sharing.  (Most will be available for sale too….)

Happy New Year!

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