7 Pretty Things on a Snowy Sunday

Photo & Project Credits: 

1. Drawstring Patchwork Cube   2. Tote Organizer   3. Fabric Fortune Cookies   4. Scalloped Tote *CUTE*   5. Casserole Carrier  6. Re-Usable Grocery Bags  7. Fabric Flowers 

We woke up this morning to a bit of snow and leftover ice from yesterday. On top of that, we have shown our house a few times this weekend which always causes stress. This stress tends to multiply when you have three boys to wrangle into the car for a quick adventure. We are now in a lull for the afternoon so when I saw Gussy’s post about 7 Pretty Things I had to link up. My creative juices have been flowing well and my sketchbook has been getting worked so I’m a happy girl. My 7 pretty things today are all handbag/accessory related because that’s how my mind is working today! Enjoy the inspiration and head over to Gussy Sews to see more links.  Happy Sunday everyone. *Cindy*

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