I’m back for another Sunday of sharing some great sites and pretty things I’ve been drooling over online.  And with my husband already relocated to the warm Florida sunshine state and the rest of the clan freezing our patooties off up here, I need to stay in my nice warm basement so I can play with the boys and get a little crafty. Sounds good to me. Without further ado, here are my 7 Pretty Things for Sunday and thanks to Gussy Sews for the 7 Pretty Things inspiration!

1.  Poetic Home  –  Found this site through Pinterest. For lack of better words:  This site Rocks.

2. Houzz & Boys Bedrooms –  If you haven’t heard of Houzz, go there. Now. Warning: Dangerously addictive!

houzz - kitchen design, bathroom design, landscaping and more

3. Hair Elastics – (You’ll need Google translate for this one)  I live in a house full of boys, so when I see things like this on Pinterest I yearn for a little girl. For about an hour…..

Beautiful little flowers. Can be made the corsage Tousheng or hairpin Oh ~ hands together ~

4.  Yummiest Wallpaper I have seen in a long time I may use this in the new house.

5.  OakHillDesigns  – It never ceases to amaze me what talent you can find on Etsy. These are absolutely wonderful!

6.  Coffee Cake in a Mug – Yum

7.  Bathroom Storage Idea – Classy and easy to do!

Sophisticated Bathroom Storage

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