The Duckie Tote


When the boys were a bit younger and we lived in the arctic state of Pennsylvania (hey-I’m a Florida girl!) we lived in a house that looked eerily close to the Brady Bunch house. And because of the house being built in that era it tended to have bathrooms in “unique” colors.  Luckily for us ours was blue. The tub/shower = blue. Toilet=blue. Tile=white with blue. And if I remember correctly, the countertop may have been blue as well.

We were not in a financial position to do a remodel, so I had to improvise.  Luckily Kohl’s had a wonderful home and bath decor area and with coupons in my hand, I purchased the most adorable ducky towels, rugs and shower curtain. So for the next 6 years, this wonderful set stayed with us through three more moves. Eventually, the boys got older and it duckies were not “cool” so they were retired (aka given to friends). But I kept the fabric shower curtain and cut out the 6 large duckies and some of the material hoping to recycle it at some point.

Well, here is a tall tote with one of the duckies! I used a light adhesive to put it on the front of the bag, then in a matching thread stitched around the edges to secure it. Then after a quick rub-over with my hand, I was ready to finish the tote. The outside is a thick home-decor denim look fabric and the yellow stripe is a medium-weight home decor fabric.  I used Pellon SF101 for the outer bag and a fusible fleece for the lining. I also used a 1/2″ twill tape for an accent under the handles. The inside has a few pockets and a small magnetic closure. I think this would make a adorable diaper bag or day trip tote, don’t you?!?!?

This afternoon, I’m going to try and stamp and print on twill. I bought several types of ink and paint made for fabric so we’ll see how it all turns out.  I feel very 5th-grade-science-experiment-project today! Have a good one.

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