A New Way To Show Your Handbags


I am constantly on the lookout for good storage. Not just for my handbags, but for other places around the house. In our new house I have my own studio, but it is a bit small and the layout isn’t the best. I have to deal with a cooling unit closet door and window hogging up a lot of usable space.  I have room for my cutting table, my machines and even a 5×5 IKEA cube, but what I don’t have is good handbag storage. Until now.

After many evenings searching online for storage ideas for my bags I stopped at the IKEA site. Clicking around, I noticed they had many kitchen storage ideas using available wall space. BINGO!  And while I may not have any more storage in my studio, I did have  a bit of empty wall space.  So the following week I drove up to IKEA and purchased five BIGEL Rails in the 21 3/4″ size, and a few bags of  the BIGEL S-Hooks. The hooks are only $.99 for 10 and the rail is $2.99.  So for under $20.00, I was able to install 5 rails with tons of hooks to hang my bags!!  For some of my pouches or clutches, a simple binder clip works great too.

You can pretty much hang these rails anywhere, but be aware that IKEA rails DO NOT come with screws, so make sure you get the proper hardware to install them. I chose to hang my rails about 18″ from the ceiling so it looks like a border going around the room. Not too shabby, huh? Not only do the bags hang nicely, I don’t have them packed away getting wrinkled and flattened. So if you are looking for a new way to hang handbags out in the open or in a closet, give this a try. It’s inexpensive and looks great!  Have a great weekend!






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