Yesterday we celebrated my oldest’s 13th birthday. This was a hard one for me. He’s my firstborn and it’s a big milestone to hit the teen years, and for some reason it made me feel soooo old.  It doesn’t help that my birthday is coming up on Tuesday either!

My O set his school alarm for 5:45am instead of 6:15am yesterday, so I could tell how excited he was. It was okay with me too because it meant we could have some cuddle time on the couch and he could open a gift or two before school.

DSC_0016My boy loves his electronics as well as a good book so he was in hog-heaven with these gift cards.  I tell ya though, teenage boys are very hard to shop for, especially this one.


If you’ve read any posts relating to O in the past you know he’s a creature of habit. He’s high-functioning autistic, so he loves his schedules, repetitions and comforts.  And while he does try new things, it’s not often willingly.  Several years ago after I was SOO tired of making Pokemon birthday cakes, I suggested we try Red Velvet.  This is his favorite color, so I baked up a big Red Velvet cake with vanilla frosting. He loved it. So now on his birthday we have this cake and he’s a happy camper. We also pick out a restaurant to go to on our birthday and somehow we ended up at IHOP – again, a creature of habit. Thank goodness it’s so good!

Hope you all are having a great weekend, we sure are! See you Monday.

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