A Craft Room Bombing….


With the dark dreary skies and a sick child on the couch, I decided to take out my checklist *and Lysol* and tackle some studio organization issues I’m having.  The issues mostly deal with fabric storage and keeping it neat and easy to see. But, from the picture you’re looking at it seems like a whole studio clean up is needed doesn’t it?

photoLet’s see what’s going on here….

My floor: It is the only thing clean right now. The fabric there is actually being folded onto comic book boards to store easier and to be labeled and put into my fabric ID book.

My machines:   My Consew is broken. Again. So everything on that table are pieces I screwed off trying to figure out what’s wrong.  I think Mr. Repairman will be making a visit soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed my other two are happy at the moment.

My walls:  The boxes of books in the back are ready to be donated and sold tomorrow.  My wire dress form is there somewhere as well, but fabrics and a few bags hid her. Need to dig her out eventually.

My studio table:  Bags of scraps! I am working on an idea that will need scraps so they are out.  I have paperwork and a few piles of fabric there as well for my e-pattern I’m working on. I have a large slouchy tote I am finished with, but rivets and I are not getting along right now so I put it aside to finish this weekend. The rest are some tools and my cutting mat.

So now that I’ve shared my room bomb with you and blog-land, I dare you to share yours!! ~ Cindy


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  1. I dare not! I love your big cutting table. I have a large piece of oak table top that I’m using. Right now it’s on some rubbermaid storage boxes. Someday soon it will have a cupboard and wheels underneath. I hope you get your machine fixed soon. You need a big flouro light on your ceiling! Janelle

    1. The table is an old Pier1 Imports table we got when we first got married. It’s moved with us 7 times in 16 years! I am going to put cubes underneath it soon because their is so much space I can utilize there! The flouro light is on my wish list 🙂

  2. Your craft room looks so clean compared to mine. I will post a before and after picture soon. The boys computer was moving upstairs so I was able to get another desk to put the sewing machine on……………well one thing lead to another and a mess became a lot bigger.

    Then an unwanted visitor arrived in the fireplace…..that stopped the work for a few days. So a couple of day project will end up being a couple of weeks.

    I hope your machine gets fixed soon. I’m glad you have a back up machine. I can’t imagine being with out a machine for long. I see you have the same IKEA rails as I do for hanging purses. They look good along the wall filled with purses.

    1. Unwanted meaning a critter?!?! I hear ya about projects and the kids. One thing always turns into a million things. Usually by the time I get everything else done in the evening I’m too tired to sew. I highly suggest never sew when you’re tired. Bad things happen ;-P

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