A Sunday Jumble….


Or so she says

This Sunday Jumble is brought to you by my brain. I will blame it on the whole time forward issue I’m having with the kids this morning, or still being in la-la land from watching Justin Timberlake on SNL last night. Take your pick, but SNL was quite enjoyable!

I have received great feedback for my Sunshine Sling Bag download and have been really enjoying showing it off.  Today, I’m linking my tutorial over at Or So She Says. Lots of great links this weekend, so head over and link up!


I finally got around to uploading a bunch of pictures from O’s FFA club trip to O’Brien Family Farms in town.  FFA members and their families were invited to tour their hydroponic farming areas as well as greenhouses where they grow the most amazing (and yummy) fruits and vegetables. Besides having a cute little store and snack area, they have pick-your-own blueberries, strawberries and other assorted goodies. While I was enjoying the tour, my middle noticed I stopped taking pictures. He finally came over and grabbed the camera, so the shots you see here were taken by my 9yo son. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


The kids were able to pick hydroponic strawberries as part of the tour. In a few weeks we’ll go back when the blueberries are ready. But my favorite part of the tour were the greenhouse areas. They had the most amazing methods of growing tomatoes and peppers! Have you ever seen methods like this?


They have plants in pots/soil on the bottom. There are wires and lines at angles in some places then straight up to tie around wires in other areas. They get these plants to grow UP! So we saw some tomato plants a good 6 feet tall with gorgeous tomatoes on them.  So I may have to steal their idea and give it a try at home. I don’t know how yet. But I will!

See you all tomorrow for Menu Monday’s! Get your lists ready.


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