All Those Little Metal Feet….



Up until a few months ago I owned three sewing machine feet. A basic stitching foot, a zipper foot for my Juki Industrial and a walking foot for my Industrial Consew. Since I do not sew clothing beyond basic repairs and experiments three feet worked for me. Then in the fall, I traded in two old tired sewing machines and used the credit to purchase a new Janome DC2012. I wanted a basic machine to do a few little things here and there that my industrial can’t do. I also wanted a user friendly machine that my 9yo and 5yo could do. And since this machine has three stitching speeds, the slow speed would perfect for them. The DC2012 also came with a bunch of sewing feet to use with the 50″stitch types available.

The DC2012 came with the following feet:  1/4″ Seam Foot, Walking Foot, Zipper, Satin Stitch, Buttonhole, Overedge, Blindhem.  At the estate auction I told you about in the fall I found a bunch more….A Teflon Foot, Piping, Gathering, Beading, Fringe and Ribbon/Sequence Foot.  These feet were used on a Memory Craft, but according to Janome they work on my machine. So now I have all these feet but little experience on how to use them!

So then this morning while I was checking my blog feeds I read a new post by Ricochet and Away!.  I have been following her blog for awhile now and have participated in a few of her challenges.  Her March challenge is called The Fancy Feet Sewing Challenge. PERFECT! How ironic that I had pulled out all my feet to look at them and then read the blog post. Now I’m signed up and ready to pick one of my fancy, intimidating feet to play with.

After reading a bit about my feet, I think I am going to try either the Ribbon/Sequence Foot or the Fringe Foot.  I don’t ‘do’ sequences, but I love ribbons and think it would be good challenge for me. What about you? Do you have a ton of sewing feet being neglected in your drawer that you have been wanting to try? Check out Ricochet’s challenge and bring out some of those neglected feet!!

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  1. I had no idea there were so many sewing feet. I’ve only ever used a zipper foot. I need to check out some of them. Thanks for the neat information.

    1. I didn’t either! There are TONS out there too. In my stash I have a beading foot. When I looked up how to use it I was totally intimidated. I really want a ruffling foot. Look up that one! It’s the oddest looking contraption I’ve ever seen. Cindy

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