Aprons & Ornaments & Bags, Oh my!


Happy Monday everyone! Last week I promised to show my new large bucket tote I designed (on my cute new dress form too!). So here she is!  This was my first try at using leather straps for handles, and after carrying it around all week all I can say is Yipee!! I love this bag and I love the handles even more. I made the handles at about an 8″ drop and used 3 pop rivets for each handle piece.  And while my rivet work is still at a novice level I must say I didn’t do so bad on my first try.











While I was designing the bag, I knew I wanted it to be large. With 3 kids and all the junk that I like to carry around I need large. But I wanted to try and design the bag so when I carried it, the straps and weight of the bag would allow me to tuck in corners or edges. So the picture on the left has it fully open and the right has the sides tucked in. Both ways…Love It!

For the inside I opted to put in seam to seam pockets instead of a zipper. I do love my pockets. I have 5 more of these bags cut out on my table, so I need to find the time between all my to-do items to interface them and order some more leather straps. As for my other projects, I plan on completing a few of these for the kitchen table:

                                                                                                                                Source: thriftycraftygirl.blogspot.com via Cindy on Pinterst

And a few of these: Are they not pure cuteness?!?!

                                                                                                                                             Source: jonag.typepad.com via Cindy on Interest

Seriously have to get off Pinterest. So many cute ideas, so little time! Cindy

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