Books, Books, Books! Do you love Handbag Books?


IMG_4651I have a *healthy* sewing library.  My Ikea Expedit bookcase has a few cubes reserved for my general ‘how to’ sewing, textiles and garment sewing.  But I also have a few cubes for my special handbag books, written and published in the United States and Japan. They are a never ending source of inspiration!

Have you noticed in recent years that more books on handbag design and patterns are being released? When I started sewing handbags a few years back there were very few.  Now you can go to JoAnn’s or any online book or craft retailer and there are so many!! Some now even in e-book form.

In the spirit of enabling sewists everywhere I thought I’d share a few links to a few handbag books coming out this year. Plus a few I have recently added to my shelf. Enjoy!


Simply Modern Patchwork Bags – Softcover  by Janet Goddard for Search Press USA (5/16)


Sew4Home Bags and Totes – Softcover by Liz Johnson & Alicia Thommas for Fons & Porter (9/16)


Hack That Tote! – Softcover by Mary Abreu for C&T Publishing / Stash Books (9/16)


Quilted Bags and Gifts by Akemi Shibata for World Book Media LLC (6/16)


Perfect Patchwork Bags – Softcoverby Sue Kim & Veronica Yang for C&T Publishing/Stash Books (6/16)

Need an instant handbag fix? Here are a few I’ve recently purchased and would recommend to anyone:
  • Sara Lawson’s Windy City Bags 12 Handbags and Totes Sewn with Structure and Style – Softcover
  • OnThe Go Bags 15 Handmade Bags, Totes & Organizers – Softcover by Janelle MacKay/Lindsay Connor
  • Bags – The Modern Classics – Softcover by Sue Kim (iThinkSew)
** Please note I am not affiliated with these companies and receive no compensation. My distributor notifies me of upcoming releases so I’m sharing these with other enthusiasts who enjoy sewing handbags.**

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  1. Absolutely, love love love sewing books of all kinds, especially bags, totes and purse books! I bought one the other day, can’t read a lick of it, it’s in Japanese and it is one of the most beautiful books I now own. The style of the bags, we won’t even talk about the applique which is so so beautiful I can just sit and look at the pictures lol

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