BOTM ~ May ~ My Brooklyn

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Say hi to my Brooklyn!  She’s the May BOTM club pattern and is designed by Swoon Patterns.
2016-05-14 16.17.02

I made this bag a few days after it was released so I’m a bit behind on the show and tell.  This is the traveler size, so if you like to carry larger bags try this size first.  My version of a traveler and others may differ though! It measures about 16″long x 10″ tall x 7″ deep when finished.

2016-05-14 16.16.25

For my materials, I used upholstery leather from Leather Hide Store, and an light-med weight upholstery print from JoAnn’s.  The photo doesn’t pick it up well, but the exterior print has a creamy blue coloring to it. I wanted a neutral color to carry around so this fits the bill perfectly. The interior print has the pop of color I needed too, Summersville by Lucie Summers for Moda.2016-05-14 16.17.33Because my upholstery leather was a bit heavier than vinyl, I left the edges of the accent and handle connectors with raw edges. Folding under could only really be done on the handles and I used my cylinder bed machine to sew those.

2016-05-14 16.17.58 HDR-2

The final touch I added to my Brooklyn were FLAT bag feet.  I’m not a huge fan of the domed feet and have been looking at what’s available from manufacturers.  These flat ones are perfect! They are flat yes, but raised up just enough to do their job and are slightly less than 1/2″ in diameter.

2016-05-14 16.17.48

I love this pattern and can’t wait to give her a spin! She looks so professional and classy when finished.  And while it may look like a hard pattern, it really isn’t!! I’d say 2/4 in difficulty.  If you have a chance head over to the BOTM Facebook Page and check out the Brooklyn’s being made too. Pure eye candy. Happy Thursday!

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