By Request ~ Bonus Points ~ My Fall Quilt Block

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Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments about my first EQ 7 quilt block design.  (Here is the original blog post.)  It was quite a confidence booster to know that what I made actually looked good to other quilters! I have had many bloggers e-mail me requesting the pattern for this block, so I’m going to try the best I can to put all the information and links in this post.

Before I go on though,  if you are an EQ 7 user, here is the actual block I made first.

color fall block

The block above was my first finished look. The fabric selection were already in the program, so I basically kept playing with the look before I settled on something I was happy with. (I’ve yet to download fabric- but that’s on my to-do list!) I added it to my Sketchbook, then went back and created a blank version with only lettered guides so I could see how I needed to divide it up to create the piecing template. Here is the Lettered Easy Draw version.

Fall Block

The only struggle I had was with the printing options. I was working on an EasyDraw block, so my options were to print the whole block, foundation pattern, templates, and rotary cutting.  If I planned on working on this alone, all I would have to do is print what I want to do and I’m good to go. But if it is something that I wanted to share with others or post on my blog, it wasn’t going to happen.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.41.01 AM

How can I get a PDF file of my block to share with friends and bloggers that would like a copy?  I headed over to the EQ Forum to share what I wanted to do and and quickly got a response that led me to my solution.  A simple PDFWriter download would allow me to download what I need, save it to my computer and share it! (Thanks, Penny!!)  In 10 minutes I was good-to-go.

So now is the test.  I have uploaded the 2-page foundation pattern.  One pattern per page, so to complete this 12″x12″ block you will need 4 of each pattern.  The 1/4″ SA is included (the lighter line on the outside).  Head over HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

I have also uploaded a template option. WARNING:  The sample block and pieces have letters that do not match up.  If you print this one out, you will need to use the picture to put together the block. Again, you’d print this out as many times as you need. Head over HERE TO DOWNLOAD.  This is another area I’m still learning, so I’d suggest this one if you are a pro!

I have made a few more of my fall blocks using these downloads with no issue, but I’d love feedback if you run into any problems or have suggestions!

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