Chugging along….


Good morning and happy Thursday everyone!  The past few days I have been busy catching up with projects in my studio as well as getting the boys ready to start school. Have I mentioned how hard it is to shop for three young boys? They are at an age where I cannot sew cute clothes for them, so we are forced to shop online or in stores for clothes. Sigh. Retail take note: Please produce stylish clothes for boys. Especially shirts without weird sayings or odd stripes. This is the year of the stripe I tell ya!

We are also getting ready to add cabinets into our laundry room. This is a nice size room and long so with the rest of the house having so-so storage, I am stalking Pinterest and Houzz for ideas on cabinets and counter tops to maximize our space. It does help having a hubby that works in this retail field, so we should be in good hands.  I’ll post shots when we begin the project!

See all the yummy little pouches above?  They are all ready to sell in my Etsy shop!! I have about 4 varieties of small pouches, and a few medium-sized bags ready to go.  I am still working on a few large tote designs and a few clutches to add in as well, but still have a way to go.  It feels nice to look in my studio and see products adding up and know I am close to my goal of opening my shop.  I have labels ready, shipping materials, the cutest sunshine-y twine EVER and hang tags I designed myself.  I also just started working on my first ever pdf pattern.  I plan on taking a bit of time with that because it is going to be quite a challenge, but when it’s ready for testing I’ll let you know!

P/S  Any pdf bag pattern how-to’s or advice would be greatly appreciated!!




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