Coloring with Thread – My Tula Pink Dragonfly

Photo Courtesy of The Quilting Company.
Welcome to Raspberry Sunshine!  I’m Cindy and today I get to share with you the new Tula Pink book, Coloring with Thread.  My embroidery experience is very limited, so I hope my beautiful dragonfly will convince beginning stitchers that the patterns in Tula’s book can be done by beginners to experts.

Tula is famous for her bold, rich colors so I truly enjoyed buying my floss and getting them ready for stitching.  I used DMC floss for my dragonfly, and because I’m still learning about how many strands to use and how they affect the look of a finished project I stuck to 3 strands.  Robert Kaufman’s Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic fabric was my backing of choice for this project.  Neutral with a bit of gold sparkle!

‘Coloring with Thread’ gives you 17 original Tula Pink designs based on her best selling fabric collections.  And if you’re a part of the TulaTroop movement like I am and love to see what creatures will be in her next line, you’ll love revisiting some favorites!

If you take a look around my website you notice I make a lot of handbags.  I thought for a bit about incorporating my dragonfly into a pouch or thread catcher, but in the end I wanted to show my pretty work in something unique and new to me.  So I grabbed an old plastic embroidery hoop and got my craft on!

I ripped 1″ strips of Tula’s Elizabeth line and rubbed the top and bottom of the plastic hoop with a little fabric glue.  Once it was a little tacky, I wrapped the strips around and pressed it down.  I repeated this until the hoop was complete then let it dry.  Here’s the finished look:

What earns this book top ratings to me are the amount of beautiful images of each pattern and of every stitch.  Better yet are the step-by-step directions for all the stitches which is a MUST for a beginner like me.  Each pattern tells you what thread you need and the suggested stitches to use.  From there you just refer back to the beginning of the book if you need to learn a particular stitch.   Here are some close ups of my dragonfly:

Now that my dragonfly embroidery hoop is done,  I decided to trim the linen down to about 1″ from the edge of the frame.  It kind of waves too, so the finished look is that much better!

All done and almost ready to hang in the studio!

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