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Hosta leavesWhen we moved to New York in December the grounds were covered in snow. According to our realtor, our property was landscaped professionally and would look beautiful come spring.  I took her word for it, and waited. And waited. Now, six months later our yard is coming to life.  The trees have leaves, the shrubs are full and I’m finally starting to see what the little plants are turning into.  In the past week, I found we have monster Hostas in our front bed!  They look similar to photo above and are beautiful. 2014-06-02 18.19.42 I have also noticed we have tons of small clustered tall leaves.  I knew they had to be some sort of bulb, but until today didn’t know what some of them are. They are IRIS!! I have grown bulbs years ago in Pennsylvania but never Iris. What a treat to see a few of these start to open up.  There was too much glare this afternoon to get closer to them but you get the idea.  The purple and yellow pattern of these Iris are stunning. Makes me want to scan a leaf and upload it to Spoonflower!! I also found this plant in the backyard the other day with these little dangling hearts hanging off them.  It is a huge bush and is very fast growing. I have no idea what it is, but would love to own a few more.  Does this flower look familiar to anyone? The finally discovery of the week are about 5 huge trees in the backyard that line our babbling brook.  They are beautiful and have filled out, but they have one nasty problem.  They shed. White fluff. All over our backyard to the point that it looks like some white furry animal met an untimely demise.  The white feathery material comes from a cluster of green seeds (looks like a cluster of green peas). When a seed pops open, this stuff comes out. I’ve never seen anything like it, but my sinuses do not approve! 2014-06-02 18.19.59That’s enough yard photos for now.  I’m so excited to finally share pictures that do not involve snow, so excuse my excitement. This Florida girl is enjoying the warm sun. I have been in the studio quite a bit the past few days and have been using my boys’ pool table as a WIP table.  So while I did finish the Sew-Together Bag (love!) I have a few more projects in the works.  Most I cannot show yet, but stay tuned. So what are you up to this week?  Is your garden coming to life?  Thanks for reading xo Cindy

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  1. Hi Cindy! The flower is a Bleeding Heart, a shade perennial that will die off to the ground in frost and come back every year. They are wonderful shade plants. The trees sound like Poplar trees. Did you get sticky things on the ground that were yellow/brown and left sappy sticky stuff on your shoes? Those are from Poplars too. I am really allergic to poplar fluff…. It won’t last long!

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