Crafting on Airplanes & A Scrappy Helper


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend.  We finally got rid of all this rain and actually had the chance to do some outside activities this weekend.  The boys were so happy to visit the pool a few times and we were finally able to mow our jungle lawn and enjoy a nice bike ride.  Today I’m in the studio a bit trying to clean it up before we head up to Virginia for vacation next weekend. I finished up another month of my Craftsy class and can now say I know how to make a Dresden block.  Really easy and fun!


I am also planning on making a new bag (surprise,surprise) for the airplane ride. So after I finish chatting with you, I’ll get started on that.  I have also been  thinking of what kinds of small projects I want to bring with me to the beach.  Since we are flying it can’t be big, so after I stuff a few books in my luggage I want to bring a few hands-on crafts for me to do.  The problem is, I have no idea what is airline yes-or-no.  So for those of you who like to craft, what have you been able to bring on your carry-on? My main concern is scissors and needles.  Maybe nail clippers instead of scissors? I want to work on some hexies and maybe some triangles so I know templates won’t be a problem.  Any advice you could send my way would be appreciated.


Well, I’m off to finish pressing the block above and try to get this ball of cuteness out of my scrap bin so I can pull out some fabric to bring on the trip! See you tomorrow on Menu Monday. ~Cindy~

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