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One of the best things I have found about men and women that sew and craft is that we are *most* of the time eager to show off our finished products and share the process in creating them.  There are numerous message boards devoted to every type of craft imaginable and the men and women who post on them often have their own blogs where they share tutorials, ideas or general family and life stories.

Since I have begun sewing again this past year, I have filled my Google Reader with tons of blogs. I frequent message boards where handbag sewers and designers post and read away. I love to soak it all in, pick up new techniques and find sources for my handbag supplies.  A few months ago I found an adorable clutch tutorial at Flamingo Toes.  Her coin purse was an adaptation of coin bag she saw at a popular retailer, so when I saw it I had to try it.  The pictures you see are my version.

I made my pouch similar to her tutorial, but I left our the piping and pushed the pleated top section  on the sides so I could sew them into the actual pouch sides, seen above. When I was finished I was so pleased with how it turned out.  It is a great size for my compact and a few other goodies.  Now, I’m going to try it again this week and add a bit of height to it and see how it holds up. What do you think?

Tomorrow, I’m going to share the awesomely HUGE bag I made from Emmaline bags.  I love how it turned out and better yet, the fabric I used for the bottom of this pouch I used for the handles and interior for the bag and together they are divine!!  Have a great day everyone.  Cindy


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