Custom Order – DONE!!


Hi everyone.  I hope you all have had a fun weekend. I am outside as I type in a nice lounge chair watching my boys and some friends play on a inflatable water slide in the backyard. It is in the upper 70’s here and not a cloud in the sky. Days like this is why I am so happy we moved back to Florida!

I wanted to share with you my first completed custom ordered bag. Between sick kids and watching men patch a large hole in our dining room wall, this bag took quite a bit longer than I had hoped. But I must say that I am loving this bag.  I would like to say something like, “Introducing, The XXX Bag.” Problem is, have no name for it. You immediately want to say something with a bow but that’s been overdone.  So I would love any ideas on names for my bag.  I have 4 others made up (2 with wood handles) for the shop, but no name. So help a girl out, okay?


This bag was made with my favorite Robert Allen linen-duck home decor weight fabric. Sigh…love RA. The wrap around knot is made with a mid-weight indoor/outdoor fabric. The interior fabric matches the knot.

I used Pellon SF101 and fusible fleece to stabilize the fabric pieces. I inserted a 10″ cream zipper and added 2 large pockets on the other side as well. It was finished up with a 1″ magnetic closure and 4 1.5″ D-rings for the handles.  The part of the bag that killed me were the handles. They are probably my least favorite part of bag making (don’t ask me why). These handles were made with a 2 – 2 1/5 x 24″ pieces of faux-leather. AKA a nice chocolate covered vinyl.  Vinyl is new to me. It, along with leather scare me. But I am proud so say I conquered the sucker and on my industrial walking foot as well. Go me!

In a topic totally different, what do you think of the lighting?  I have white science fair boards and have tried that with success. There is something to be said though for outdoor shots like this though! I think what I may do is bring my product out and set it up the boards in the grass so I get this natural light. PSE10 will be a good way to tweak it a bit more when I’m done.

Off to corral the man-children and deflate the water slide. They are ‘cold”. HA!  Cindy


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