Cutting into hoarded fabric….


IMG_0268Do you have fabric designers or lines that you hoard away and refuse to touch?  I have a few.  Japanese fabric of any kind, Tula Pink (although I have some duplicate prints I have cut into!) and Cotton and Steel.  Well, this week I finally broke down and cut into that Cotton and Steel. Not a lot, but just enough to make a small boxy pouch to keep my hand stitching materials in.


I have a ton of linen, so I used that for my top and cut into 5 prints to make the strips on the exterior. So it wasn’t major cutting by any means and I still have a ton left to enjoy!

Stay tuned for the completed pouch though. I will be sharing it next month as a tutorial!  It will be a great freebie pattern with a hint of challenge with the zipper.  Would be a great holiday gift for that special friend or teacher!


Yesterday I finally pulled out my bag of vintage bobbin spindlers/winders I found at the antique market last month.  Some are in better condition than others, but I’ve been really trying to figure out how best to clean them. Especially around the metal rings up top.  Maybe a toothbrush and some water to start?  I like the variation in the wear of  the wood, but the tops really need help. What do you think?

Once I finish cleaning the spindles, I plan on putting them to work in my studio.  What should I use them for?  Wrap thread around them, or maybe lace?  We’ll see.


After a emotional mom- day yesterday I received the best cheer me up package in the mail from Ayumi Mills aka Pink Penguin. It’s the latest issue of Patchwork Tsushin!  I have seen clips and shots of the magazine online many times, but now I have one in my hands.  I may not understand a word of it, but with patience and my phone app translator, I may be able to get a few hints.

Now back to pattern writing…I mean tweaking…..and watching big fat snowflakes fall. Have a happy day!


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