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I rarely blog during Spring Break. But that was over 2 weeks ago! Add Scout and sport physicals and various activities and it’s now almost May.  But I’m happy to say that the traveling has slowed down and the everyday is now at a nice normal speed.

There were a few times over break I was able to sneak in the studio. Mostly when it was cold/rainy. But I did manage to continue work on another pattern. Here’s a sneak peak:

IMG_2032My upcoming pattern, The Diane Tote, is coming along nicely.  Testers are starting to send me their notes and pictures and I am SO excited to see how nice they are turning out. I still have a few testers working, so once I finish polishing up the pattern and going through notes I’ll let you know the big release date!


Last week I found a baggie of forgotten Japanese fabric scraps in my stash. I kept them out and started trimming them down into 2″ squares and strips of various lengths.  I was able to create 2 large panels from the 2″ scraps and the rest I plan on using to make some needle books.

I think I may try to hand stitch the batting and patchwork on my own. I found a pretty Valdani varigated thread at a local quilt fair last week that I think would work perfect for this project. Plus, I can fold the panel up and take it to T’s karate lessons a few times a week.  The only question I have is what to do with it when I’m done?!

IMG_2017Youngest and I have a big adventure ahead of us in the morning.  (And yes, this cat actually smiles!) Tonight it involves keeping T awake until midnight then up at 5am. Then we have to drive to the university for a few tests.  If you could please think positive thoughts for us I’d appreciate it.  I see a lot of coffee in my future!!

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  1. OMG! That picture is just priceless, love your son and kitty. So sweet- don’t blink- they will be all grown up next time you look. Good luck tomorrow.

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