Easy Napkin Bag


A few weeks ago, I posted a shot of some pretty Badgly Mishka napkins I found at HomeGoods.  The napkins were about 18″x18″ in size and were made of heavy weight material.  I knew I would not use them for dinner, heaven forbid my kiddos use proper napkins, so of course I though of a bag.

Here is the final result! I found a wonderful pattern from one of my Japanese handbag books, but tweaked it a bit. It’s a simple box shape on the bottom, but I made the handles a bit wider and taller.  I have carried it around for a week now and get tons of compliments, which is a success in my book.  I think if I make this style bag again, I will make the handles even taller so I can use it on my shoulders. Right now, it is great for holding by hand or on the forearm but I do tend to like the shoulder more.

Shop update:  With my new blog design I am able to link directly to my Etsy shop. Yes, it’s empty, but not for long!  I am currently completing a bunch of make-up cases for my shop that are absolutely adorable. I may show you a sneak peek soon.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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