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A few weeks ago Spoonflower had a free swatch day, inviting people to pick any design pattern on their site and order a free 8 in. x 8 in. test swatch of Eco Canvas.  I am very familiar with Spoonflower but have not ordered from them before.  I was interested to see what a polyester canvas with 45% recycled materials felt like so I placed my order.

The pattern I chose is called Sashiko: toni asa-no-ha- scattered hemp leaf,  designed by Bonnie Phantasm.  You can find her shop HERE.  My sample arrived last week so after I inspected it I went online to compare from what was on my screen.  It is nearly a complete match as what I saw online. The only slight variation I could really notice was the actual print I received was a bit closer to navy blue then brighter blue. That could be a computer thing though, so not a big deal.

The feel of the Eco Canvas is thicker and synthetic, but it is also very strong and durable. You’d see something similar to this in indoor/outdoor fabric at major retailers. It is also printed on a very white background not cream or softer whites, which is fine by me.  With material like this you see fraying a bit more so a bottle of fray-check needs to be nearby (which mine always is anyways!).

The Spoonflower website suggests that this fabric is best for all kinds of home decor and bag projects. I could easily see this material being used for beach bags, backpacks, yoga mat covers, duffels and more.  For an everyday bag though? I personally wouldn’t just for the softness factor. It does suggest to test this material if it’s being used for products that will be rubbing on it often. Makes sense for most fabrics though, right?

As for the washing, I’m a bit skeptical. I have not washed my sample yet (but plan to), but Spoonflower tells us to wash in a cold/warm or gentle cycle.  Even better, the Eco Canvas can be put in the dryer on low and ironed on a synthetic setting.  I’ve never had the best of luck washing material like this so I’m curious to see what happens. Also, with a 45% recycled material (what exactly is in this 45%?), how will this affect the longevity of the fabric?

So many questions, so little time!  I’d love to hear from people who have sewn with Spoonflower’s Eco Canvas and what your experiences have been.  Now that I have this one sample, I might go ahead and order a few more so I can play around and compare.  There is a great Flickr page dedicated to Spoonflower Fabric Designs if you are wanting to read experiences from other crafters.  Have a great Monday everyone!

* I am not associated with Spoonflower and received this sample free as advertised.  All opinion and curiosities are my own!*


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  1. I liked working with it for my beach bag project. It was most similar to an indoor/outdoor fabric. Like you said, great for a variety of things, but I still prefer my natural fiber fabrics for an everyday bag.

  2. I prefer natural fabrics as well unless it’s going to be a heavily used “outing” kind of bag 🙂

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