Fabric Rag Garland Tutorial ~ Flashback~


I wanted to post this tutorial again for those of us who like a more vintage, homey Christmas theme. I made these for my staircase 3 houses ago. (Notice I don’t know dates anymore…I know what house we were in though!) I believe it was 2011. Burlap, twine and a fat quarter of your favorite holiday fabric is all you need. And depending on the length of your rails you may have enough leftover for some more projects.

Enjoy the flashback! xoxo Cindy

I am proud to say I finished the first project off my Christmas “to-do” list.  My fabric garland for our family room stairs!  Even better, was that at some point in this project, all three of my boys helped out! This fabric garland is an idea I saw in a magazine years ago and have seen online in hundreds of variations: My version….adding greenery….adding lights (which I say “fire!”). In my version, I wanted twine, burlap and a wonderful assortment of  fabric.

There really isn’t a “tutorial” to all this, but here is a list of what I used:

*   1 MODA “Flurry” Fat Quarter Pack  ( I had 12 quarters from this pack set aside for placemats and tree skirt to match)

*   1 pack of thick natural twine (I got at our local craft store)

*   2 yards of natural-colored burlap

*   1 yard of cream cotton fabric

Now, for my stairs and design I used 8″ strips about 1.5″ wide. I used my rotary cutter so cutting the strips took very little time at all. (If you are uber-talented you could try ripping the fabric to get a more rustic look). I am a repititions/patterns kinda gal, so after I cut the fabric, I set it out by color/pattern to get the look I wanted so I would be ready to start the assembly line.  My last step was to measure my staircase adding in the “hanging” amounts as well.

From there, I tied one piece on at a time just using a single knot. That let me slide it up or down on the twine if needed. When the garland was complete I used remnant twine to wrap it around the staircase to secure the garland to it. DONE!  Really easy and so cute!

If you are looking for a new look for your staircase this season, give fabric garland a try. Cindy

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