Finding supplies when you are just starting out…..


It’s obvious from my postings that I sew handbags, right? I plan on opening my Etsy store in the spring and so, I have been sewing patterns, designing patterns and most importantly gathering supplies.  But I’m running into problems. Supply problems.

If you sew handbags and have a successful business going, where do you find your supplies? I have found suppliers for magnets, basic zippers and swivel clips, but may need to order larger amounts in the future.  I am looking for brass zippers, thin foam, interfacing in bulk and a few other items.  What drives me nuts also is that I’m very visual. I want to see the objects, try them out, touch them before I buy. I know that is often impossible, but I am looking for reasonable suppliers.

If you order in bulk where do you go and how do you keep the costs down?  Cindy

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