Finding The Right Fabric


I’m on the hunt for fabric. Well, I guess I’m always on the hunt for fabric for my handbags but lately it’s been for the new house. I have found fabric and window coverings for every window in the house except for the family room/kitchen/great room area. The one BIG place I need it most. The closest fabric store near me is a Hancock Fabrics and while I can special order home decor fabric, the selection is not too great. The other option is a store so overpriced one visit was enough. So unfortunately I have to do my fabric hunt online.

I have had great service from so I headed over there this week to see what I could find.  Lucky for me, they sell fabric samples for a $1.00-$1.50. So I filled up my cart with samples that I thought would fit with our great room and yesterday a nice package arrived! was fabulous about labeling each piece with fiber content, washing instructions and codes for easy ordering if I chose to purchase a lot of yardage.

So the shot above is all my samples laid out on the kitchen table. Shortly after I took this I taped every piece (most 9″x9″ +/-) onto the wall so I can let them sit and stare at me for a few days. Kinda like paint chips! One downside of ordering fabric online is the color differences for each computer and the color presentation on the seller’s website. So while most of them turned out how I expected there were a few samples that were WAY off.  Good thing they are samples and I can use them for small projects when I’m done. BONUS!

So now I will spend the next day or two taping and re-taping until I find the look I’m after. Then when I’m done I can use the samples to make a cute little pouch or coin bag! Have a restful Sunday. Cindy

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  1. Now that sounds like fun, love the fabric I will have to checkout this online store to see if they deliver to Canada.
    Don’t forget to post a pic of your curtains when they are done.

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