*Freebie Friday!* My 2013 Calendar Pages

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Can I tell you how happy I am it’s Friday!! This has been a crazy week. Lots of activities, work-related stuff and appointments a plenty. So while I am waiting for the lovely plumbers and shower installers to come (to figure out why my shower is leaking down to my dining room causing part of the ceiling to crumble and drip!) I will share with you the pages I created for my 2013 calendar and links so you can download them for yourselves.

Each year I grab a small planner at the store and use my paper clips, tape and pencils to jot down and save what I need. This year with all three boys in school, M’s busy work schedule and my blog and business just starting up I found myself running out of room and needing something….more. So out went the store planner and in came the homemade planner. First, let me tell you what I purchased: (all are in 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″)

Staples 1″ Mini-View Binder w/D-Rings

Avery Write-On Index Tab Dividers – 2 sets

Staples Cleer Sheet Protectors – 1 pack

Avery Assorted Binder Pockets – 2 packs

The Staples binder may seem a bit pricey, but for someone who uses it daily it will be worth the money. This binder is like the Nerf protector of binders. Solid and sturdy.  The only thing I have not purchased are a few business card sleeves. Those I’ll just stick in the back when I get them. The materials I used can be easily changed up, I just wanted to show you how I did it!


Now, for the assembly. I have 12 dividers – 1 labeled for each month. After the tabbed dividers, I have inserted a clear 2-sided plastic pocket for notes, menus, or other goodies I want  need to shove in there!  Then I followed the pocket with a clear plastic sleeve. Right now it’s holding my business cards and appointment cards for the boys. I also like that the front and back of this binder each have a clear pocket as well. Storage…it’s a good thing!


This isn’t the best picture, but you’ll see it better when you download it.  This is my weekly day-to-day page.  I don’t use a monthly page , so I created my calendar this way so I have plenty of room to fill out my daily to-do’s and also have a block on the second page to jot down a small list or reminder.  I left out the month and day on the top of each page, but there are areas for you to write it in. The 2013 is spelled out on top as well (in raspberry color!!).


The final pages are a half-page to do list and a grid page of sorts.  The to-do is obviously for notes, meal plans, grocery list, etc. The grid page I created to be my blog planner. Again, I left the dates out so I could print them out as needed.

So if you’d like to try my simple monthly planner pages click on the links below to download:

2013 Calendar Pages -1  Mac

2013 Calendar Pages -2  Word

2013 Calendar Pages – 1 (1/2pg) Mac

2013 Calendar Pages – 2 (1/2pg) Word

I am new to downloading so please let me know if these load and open properly. I have created a full page (8 1/2″ x 11″) page and a half page ( 8 1/2″ x 5.5″) planner style.  Each one is available to download if you run on Mac or MS Word.  You should be able to edit these in Mac or Word, but if you want a PDF let me know and I can send you one (they won’t be able to be edited though). Please let me know if you are having trouble opening the files…….this is my first time creating files and making links.

Enjoy the freebies everyone! I’d love to see how you use or customize my planner sheets. Heck, I just love looking at planners! So if you have a really cool organized planner you’d like to share let us know!  Cindy

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  1. Your pages don’t work. I download and try to open, but the files don’t open with any program. 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry you are having trouble opening it 🙁 What type of computer do you have? I put the links for both MAC and Microsoft. The download site is called BOX, did my links take you there?

      If not, drop me and e-mail and I can try and do a different format for you.


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