Handbag Fabrics ~ A Poll ~


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As most of you know I pretty much sew and sell handbags exclusively. I know what I like to sew with, but on occasion want to try something new. I’m sure many of you are like this as well.

Today on Facebook I have a poll starting that asks, “What Are Your Favorite Fabrics For Sewing Handbags?” If you sell handbags or similar items, what materials do you favor? A composition? Brand?

I’d love to hear your favorites!  You can respond below in the comments section, via my contact form or through Facebook.  I’ll share my findings this weekend.

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  1. I made 2 bags a couple years ago using the same pattern. One was made in home-dec weight (light weight canvas) and one was in quilting cotton. Although I loved them both, the home-dec weight held up so much better. I wish more fabric lines had canvas!

    1. I do too Patti! Do you spray your cotton bags with protective spray? That helps my cotton ones last longer, but I do agree they take a beating more than my canvas and linen bags do.

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