Handling Craft & Business Stress ~My Way~


No more cameras today….or for several days for that matter.  I spent most of my day today taking photos, editing them, and uploading them to Dropbox.  It has made my mind (not to mention my eyes) feel wonky and tired.  And even after all those photos I can’t say they are perfect, but for my abilities they are the best I can do for now.

After a relaxing lunch and some tending to our bunnies, I headed back into the studio to tackle the next few things on my list.  Thinking back, I really should have put the list away and started my Craftsy class like I wanted to. But I didn’t.  I pulled over a pattern I’ve been working on and for the next few hours worked on that.  Then the seam ripper came out….again…again…again. Finally I chucked the seam ripper and turned of my machine.  It was time for my babies to come come and entertain me with their school day stories.

My boys are 95% of the time my great pick-me-uppers.  I just love hearing about their day and what they learned, who they hung out with and any newsy gossip.  I usually get about an hour of time just chatting with them before they go off to do their own things.  Today, one went off with some friends to go on our neighborhood bike trail, one wanted to play a game on the desktop and the other chatted a bit more with me then went off to have some  X-box time.  That left me on my own once again, so I went back into the studio and got out this:

photo 1

This is my scrap bin of thin strips.  I haven’t looked through this bin in some time, but I got it out anyway and started sewing.  Straight line stitching, no patterns, just mindless relaxing fun.  It was much needed and when I stopped I had this:

photo 2

Random, curved, funky but most of all, relaxing.  I put the completed rectangle of mystery strips back in the scrap bin for another time. Then I closed up the studio again and went out to BBQ with my clan.

When you are growing frustrated or feeling angst towards a current project, what do you do to relax and unwind?  ~Cindy~

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