Happy Memorial Day!


 ~~Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to the men and women who  have made it possible for us to enjoy freedom at the expense of their lives.~~

IMG_0207Have you been having a nice holiday weekend?  We’ve been taking it easy for the most part. M had to work (retail loves holidays!) but we did manage to head over to the beach for the morning before it got too crowded. Any morning trip to the beach is a good one in our family because it usually means a “special lunch”.  This time it was Subway, so we were all happy campers.

IMG_0215Gulf Beaches are my favorite beaches to visit. The sand is so white and soft and depending on where you go, you can collect tons of shells and sometimes even sharks teeth. The boys opted out of the shell hunt this time and spent their morning covering their bodies with sand.

IMG_0210After an hour or so of the digging and burying, they turned more sneaky and started doing this…..

IMG_0222My 9yo made nice “B” cups on his brother.  I managed to get a quick shot (to save for bribery in a few years) before he took off into the water. Gotta grab those bribery moments when I can!

After some time in the nice warm water, we headed out and spent the rest of the day at home.  Tomorrow is back to school and the two week countdown to summer will begin!  What did you all do this Memorial Day holiday? ~Cindy~

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