Have You Seen a Lake This Beautiful?


This weekend we took advantage of the cool morning temperatures to visit Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY.  We have been wanting to visit for some time, but with the monster snow and cold it wasn’t in the plans.  So this morning while it was sunny and in the low 70’s we took off to visit the park.

DSC_0024Have you seen a lake blue-green in color like this?!?!  I love this picture, but it was even more vibrant in person!  You just can’t stop looking at it.  What’s even better? There is no snow in sight and the trees are so full and green! Yipee!!


There are two lakes in the park, Green and Round Lake.  Both have wonderful cleared walking paths perfect for joggers, pet walkers or boys with lots of energy to burn….like ours!!  We took the walk around Green Lake this trip, which was about 2 miles. There is a section of the lake that is roped off for swimming, but the rest stays untouched.  Besides the swimming and walking paths, there are campsites, cabins, a large golf course and tons of picnic areas.

2014-06-08 10.53.19

What makes the lakes in this park so interesting is that they are rare Meromictic Lakes.  This means that the deepest water and surface waters do not mix at all.  Green Lake is approx. 195 feet deep, so the water near the bottom and the warmer surface water do not mix like most lakes do.  This article on Green Lake can explain the historical importance and why scientists study this lake.  It’s pretty fascinating stuff!

2014-06-08 10.08.19

If you’d like to read more about the history of the park itself , check out this article on Wikipedia.  There is a lot of science behind this beautiful blue-green lake, so it was fun to share and explore it with the boys.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have rested up for the week ahead!  Thanks for reading! Cindy

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  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of Green Lake. It is just one of the many gems here in Central New York. My husband and I would grill and picnic there quite often when we were first married. The blue-green color is so vibrant in person.
    I’m really glad that you and your family are exploring our area, there is so much to see. If your boys feel like banging on a few rocks, the Herkimer Diamond Mine is a fun day trip (1-1/2 drive). It burns a lot of energy… take sunscreen and safety glasses. In addition to finding ‘diamonds’ you may find several fossils.
    Enjoy your summer!

    1. We had a wonderful visit and will go back often! My boys are in scouts and their den leader was telling us about the Herkimer Diamond Mine. It is on the top of our summer bucket list. What I love most about this area is that there are TONS of things to do, the parks itself are the best I’ve visited. 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 It’s a rare thing to find me in a picture so I had to share it with everyone!

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