How Do You Take Photos of Your Products?



Continuing on with my never-ending saga of getting my shop and brand up and running……..

I have been lurking around Etsy and other selling sites lately looking at the way business owners photograph their products. Of course I’m looking at handbags, pouches, etc. I have also been looking at jewelry shots and other craft related items.  Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have looked for so long because it reminded me of when I was pregnant and looked up every ache, pain and symptom to see if I had it!! Kinda obsessive?!?! So I have stopped looking as of now and am looking around the house and neighborhood for the *ideal* location to take pictures of my products.

I found this tiny iron bench at Ross for $6 last week. It’s adorable and the first thing I could picture on it was the clutch I just made. Isn’t it cuteness?  I took shots from several angles as well to see how it would look. The larger bags didn’t look the greatest on the bench, but the medium and smaller ones sure did.  I also found this:

I call it the plate holder on steroids. It’s probably close to 24″ tall and all I could think of was how straps could hang on the top scroll work and rest on the bottom. This bag was the perfect size and looked great too. The last thing I purchased were some blank white science fair board.  The board will showcase the bags great because it allows the pattern and color of fabric to pop out.

So I’m still not decided, but getting darn close. I just want to showcase my handbags and accessories well so they really grab shoppers when they are looking at the screen.  What do you think?  How do you photograph your products? I’d love to hear what works for you!

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  1. Hi Cindy, Your bags look great. I think you have two great items to use. But what if you placed your white broad behind the bench or plate holder. That way you are just seeing your purse on the bench and the white background. So the wall color or floor color aren’t distracting from your purse. Then if you place the plate holder on a table with the white broad behind and take the picture face on, it will show off the purse.

    1. My husband just said the same thing and I showed him your post! LOL. Once we actually have a sunny day down here I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the ideas!

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