How Many Empty Spools of Thread do YOU have?




In my blog feed this morning was a new post from AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters. For the past year,  she has been saving her empty spools to see how much thread she used during a 1 year period.  3500m of thread she said she went through this past year.  Being a spool-saver myself,  I finished reading her post and headed to the basement to get out my spool basket.

Sixteen.   This is what I’ve used since Dec 2013 (when we first moved to Syracuse). I have 2 other large spools on my industrials which I didn’t count, but are both 3000+ yards each and about 1/2 full.  I think this about right for me considering how many bags I sew for my shop, custom designs and quilting/piecing.

I am curious though,  just how many of you save your empty spools?  What do you do with them?  Fill up cute bowls and containers with them (raises hand), throw them away, or get crafty with them?  A simple Pinterest search led me to this never-ending list of Empty Spool Ideas.   Some of these pins are a little out there, but I did pick up some really great ideas too.

So tell me. If you save your spools,  how many do you have and what do YOU do with them?

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  1. I have 16 spools, most of them are 300m spools with some smaller ones as well. I usually donate them to the School when I have a pile of them. They can then use them for crafts.

  2. My local quilt shop collects them and donates them to a group that uses them to glue to large puzzle pieces for disabled kids. I guess they have motor control issues?

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