I Hit The Crafting Jackpot!!


I actually feel giddy! After 24 hours in my possession and a first pick-through of the bins, I can post my jackpot.  Introducing: Heaven.

I saw an ad Thursday morning for a woman looking to sell craft supplies. She said she had a whole room full of organized bins she needed to get rid of. They were her late mother’s, who was a textile artist. My eyes bugged out and I immediately called her. I wasn’t hopeful as I’m usually too late to call on these things, but lucky me she was home! So M had the day off yesterday and we drove over to check it out.

We got there and the lady led us to her mothers studio. Gals, this was wall to wall shelves of art supplies, books, fabric, bins upon bins of craft sewing and textile goodies.  I’m not one to get overstimulated, but I’m pretty sure I was by the time she was done showing us everything. I immediately said SOLD! and M and I started to load up the Suburban. These bins and boxes filled up the whole trunk area where we also folded down the back seats. Insane I tell ya!

So after we bring it inside I start doing the first run through to get rid of any really nasty stuff or garbage. A lot of this is dusty too so it took me some time.  Well, the first box I opened were Janome/New Home sewing machine feet! WooHoo!! There were feet I’ve never heard of before. There were also tons of marking pens and pencils, chalk, invisible ink, seam rippers, quilting rulers and boards. I put those back only to remember M is carrying in a heavy box of over 75 craft/art books! That’s gonna take some time to go through!

There is also a obscene amount of knitting needles and yarn (which I’m going to give to my BIL because he’s a crazy good knitter!), crochet needles and thread, needlepoint and embroidery yarn. Tomorrow I’ll try to take a shot of some fantastic yarn pieces that took up 4 bins. I don’t know what it is used for but maybe someone will.  There were also bins of thread….all shapes, sizes, colors, metallic, elastic, really old vintage spools (I’m so keeping those!). I also found lots of interfacing and a 10yd roll of  pattern-making paper! There were also a bin of buttons and two big bins of lace and silk ribbon.

My favorite discovery so far is the 1/4″ quilters seamer you see above and an 18″ bendable rubber magnetic ruler. I’ve seen them before and thought they were cool and now I can give it a try! The weirdest discovery was a huge rubbermaid full of men’s ties! Easily 75-100 ties. The woman told me her mother would take out the stitching, press it then use it on her artwork or crafts. I see experimentation in my future. If not, I will donate these to the local Salvation Army and save a few for T to play dress-up in!  I’ll have to do a specialty post on “Tie Crafting” What would you do with the ties?

So, whatcha think?!?!  I really hit the jackpot, huh? I’m going to try and go over the bins again this weekend and start sorting. I plan to pull out stuff I could use in my studio and business, make a bin of stuff the boys could use, a bin to donate to the boys school, then maybe sell some on e-bay and donate some more. See you all soon!


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  1. What a deal!! I’ve seen Kiel James Patrick make awesome bracelets, headbands and key FOB with ties! Congrats on hitting the jackpot Cindy!

    1. Oohh!! I see more google-ing in my future. Never ever thought of bracelets either. Thanks for the ideas and kind thoughts. If you need any yarn, I’m your girl. I swear I have gone through 5 rubbermaids of yarn. Too bad I can’t knit to save my life 🙂 Cindy

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