I wasn’t expecting this one….


Hi there!  It’s been a quiet week here on the blog, but boy it has NOT been quiet in our house and life.  So many things I had planned for the week just came to a standstill when I found out about this:



If you have been reading my blog, you may know what I’m getting at. If you’re new here, just search “MOVE” in the search box and you can read more.  I knew a move could be coming. I figured it would be somewhere else in Florida, but the last place I thought of was New York.  M got a huge promotion Monday and we were just stunned. So incredibly proud of him and can’t wait to see him tackle this new position! At the same time, I am just numb.  I think I may be this way for a bit longer so I can process it.  The kids are very excited, but O has his moments because he loves his school and activities.  But we are pro’s at this, so we will conquer and succeed in this next step in our lives. What’s the best part of this move for the boys? A chance to settle down and complete their schooling in one school district. Roots. I like that.

I have been to New York City. Twice. That’s the extend of my knowledge, so instead of sewing I have been researching, looking at school ratings, cleaning, more cleaning, and staging. If you have moved, you know the drill!  What I still need to do is to research fabric, sewing and quilting up there. Need to have a go-to store to buy my supplies!

I did manage to finish a cute little handled pouch this week.  I saw this fabric in my FatQuarterShop mystery box stash and knew it was meant to be something cute and cheery.

photo 1 The pouch measures approx 8″ x 4″. The zipper goes from one end to the other, so you can open it wide if you need to.

photo 3

I am almost done with the interior, and the side seams need to have a clean bias tape cover over the exposed stitching. I think I have enough of the green left over to make some bias for it.  I could easily see a teen having one of these for her personal supplies when she’s at school or at the movies with friends.

In other studio news, I am going to try and finish my first prototype for the AMH Right-Turn Bag I am blogging about for Purse Palooza. I am having a great time piecing the front and even have some fibers and ribbon to attach as well. I will share the finished product October 17th, when my review is ready.  The actual Palooza starts Monday, so get ready for a ton of handbag reviews, how-to’s, and a chance you share your work!

Now for the big question? What city am I moving to? Hint: If you are a FB follower, you may have seen the town named.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You are moving to NYC! That’s wild. Hundreds of us reading are now thinking…. wow! I finally have a place to stay if I ever get to NYC, ha ha! Very excited and nervous for you at the same time. What a shock you having right now. Stay positive! Janelle

    1. No! LOL! That would be a major culture shock! We are moving to Syracuse. It’s about 4+ hrs to NYC, so perfect for a little adventure 🙂

  2. Cindy that is so great about the promotion, gee I was thinking like Janelle someone to visit. lol It sounds like you are a pro on moving. Do you have a date of when you need to be in New York? Just think of the fabric district there.


    1. Thanks 🙂 We are moving to Syracuse, so while it’s not NYC I have been hunting out fabric shops, etc. You know, for survival supplies when I’m snowed in LOL. I don’t think I’ve worn a pair of jeans or pants since we moved to FL. We hope to be up there before Christmas, it just depends on when we find a house.

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