I’m afraid of a handbag. There. I said it.


My husband knows me well. He also has uber-fantastic taste when it comes to anything ME.   Many moons ago, a large box from Tiffany’s arrived at our house.  Inside it was a beautiful bracelet and soft silky drawstring bag that had this:

All I could do was look at it! So pretty, with that trademark silky blue Tiffany fabric inside. The soft leather handles and fold-over lid. Sigh.  I don’t own many leather bags and have never own a bag with a basket base, so once again I just started at it.  People, I’m afraid to use it!!  Tiffany is not inexpensive!! What if one of the kids scratches it, or I bang it on a shopping cart? What if it gets dirty? EEK!

So you all are saying, “Cindy, get over it! It’s just a bag.” I probably will. I’ll save it for those kid-less days or when I can really show it off. This beauty is just too sweet to keep on my display shelf.  If you all have a “scaredy-cat” bag like me, what is it and how do you protect it?  Cindy

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  1. Oh that is sew cool! My hubby would never think of that. He bought me hiking sandals once, and that was awesome. I can see that with a lovely floral dress, kinda vintage/retro. Or just jeans and a top! Use it! I have beautiful eggplant coloured leather Coach bag that doesn’t get used very often. But I’m learning to use it more. It was a present to myself and the leather is buttery soft and smells soooo good! It’s my schmanciest thing! Here in Australia, eggplants are called Aubergines and so is the colour – so I’ve named her Bergie. Bergie likes to shop. Take Tiffany shopping, she deserves it for lookin so good. Janelle

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