I’m finished!!


I have never made a clutch before. I’m more of a middle-to-big kinda bag girl, so when I saw the Naughty Notions Challenge required to make a clutch I decided to try.  Here are some shots of my finished clutch.  I used a dark denim for the exterior and a pink home decor weight patterned fabric for the interior.

My naughty notion was the carved buttons, swivel clip/ring, and the pink crinkly home decor “tape”. By tape, I mean what you see with the clutch is a multicolored pink/slightly see-through little loops of ribbon. These million of little loops are attached to an elastic tape of sorts (which is hidden inside the “guts” of the clutch) I have a few more yards of this tape so I may make a few more clutches with it. I am so pleased with the turn out. What do you think?


I truly enjoyed this challenge and look forward to seeing what everyone has done!  Have a great Monday everyone.  Cindy


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    1. This is a small handbag pattern from Keyka Lou Patterns. I liked the shape of the bag, so I left the straps off the pattern and reduced it in size to be more clutch-like. I adore her patterns and own quite a few. Very clean simple lines in her patterns 🙂 Love it!

  1. Love the denim and pink together!!! I have never seen anything like that crinkly tape… it’s fabulous!!! A great clutch!!!

    1. Thanks Pam 🙂 There is a huge fabric warehouse in town that gets discontinued or over-ordered fabric. Major brand names too. In their basement they have remnants and TONS of the most random embellishments. Sometimes you’ll find great treasures, sometimes not. But when I saw a spool of this crinkly goodness I bought a few yards. The tape is elastic which makes it a bit of a challenge, but on the other hand it’s very flexible. Fun stuff.

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