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As you may have read, I am participating in an online sewing challenge called Naughty Notions Challenge with other bloggers around the world.  The past few days I have been making the clutch and working with an especially naughty notion I found at my local fabric store. I’ve posted pictures of this notion a few weeks back, having found NO use for it. But when I signed up for this challenge I found the inspiration I needed to use it.  Here is a sneak peak of my clutch everyone. That’s all you’re getting…..for now.

My youngest  helped me place a few things on the clutch, and I must say the boy has good taste.  After his expert help, he was back at his table behind me making gems an swords with the melty beads. My boys are obsessed with them right now! Happy Thursday everyone!  I’ll post the completed clutch after I enter it in the challenge. Cindy

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