iPad Sketching App – Procreate


I am now taking a breather from sewing a few items for my shop. (That, and I ran out of blades for my rotary scissors!) My totes and other accessories are coming along quite nicely, but I wanted to share an app I recently found that I really love to use for my bag sketches.  Now, I’m not an artist by any means so when I share this app with you please note there is A LOT of really cool things you can do with it that I probably haven’t tapped yet.

Let me introduce you to: PROCREATE

Available for $4.99, the only downside is that it is iPad only.

The colors, brushe
s and options are limitless. Inking, airbrush, paint, textures and more.  If you have an artistic bent (which I do NOT) you will love it. Even for me with minimal artistic skill, I can use my iPad pencil and sketch bags quite easily. Also a plus is that you can export Procreate files as a .psd file to Photoshop. Yeah, haven’t tried that yet. Again, I am not an artist but having that option is really cool!

So if you have an iPad I would give this app a try. It’s really fun and from my experience, even if you don’t use it a lot your kids will get a kick out of it while waiting for appointments or carpool lines.

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