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I discovered Issuu by accident last year when I was looking up a book ISBN number on Google.  And instead of clicking on the close window box I kept looking around. What I found was a hidden treasure of sewing and quilting publications!

So what exactly is Issuu?  It’s simply a digital publishing platform.  Companies both big and small from around the world use this platform to upload and share upcoming product releases,  brochures, magazines sneak peaks, and even complete magazines and books.

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The site has a few general categories on the main page, but using the search bar will be your best bet. The image above was the result of  a “Quilt Market” search.  This is Lecien’s Fall 2015 Look Book.  Click on the right/left arrows to search all 140 pages. Other viewing options are available as well as a link to other Lecien publications.  What I use on this page when I’m done reading is the word “STACK” on the bottom. Click on this and it will save this publication to your stack in your account.

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Sign-ups are free (which is what I have) but there are two other price plans for businesses or individuals. Read THIS for information about other plans. I just want to view, so the free account works for me.

Since I am not a publisher, I pretty much stick to browsing topics of interest and saving them to my “stack”.  But here are a few popular companies I found:

You can also search by Publications Name,  Publishers or by Stacks that others have created.

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If there is one thing negative to say about ISSUU it is this.  I have been able to find complete magazine copies and a few book copies from popular artists.  And while many would say “Awesome”,  it’s really not for the creators of the book.  I have a feeling this will be taken care of in time but it is out there.

Do you have an ISSUU account?  What types of publications are you saving to your stacks?

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