I’ve been trapped in my wo-man cave!


Well, I wouldn’t say trapped, but I have actually had some time between kids activities and routines to sneak some time in my craft room to work on some projects and ideas floating around in my head.

This brown and pink polka-dot tote is my newest creation. The pink ruffles you see in the front are open on the ends to allow for a piece of string or ribbon to use it as a drawstring. I used 6 different pieces of ribbon braided together with a large knot at the end.  The liner of this tote is a soft thin felt and the fabric is the same pink as the front ruffle.  My big experiment with this tote was with the bag bottom.  This bag was soft but needed a sturdy bottom. I didn’t want to use a stiff interlining or grid bottom so I looked around the house to see what kind of material I could try. What I found was Solid Easy Liner by DuckBrand! This worked PERFECTLY!! I measured and cut a piece of this soft thicker liner and sandwiched it between two sheets of thin shirt interfacting. Worked like a charm! Not only did my bag bottom have structure, but it also got a little padding from it as well. (Check out the link above to read more details and where you can find it locally)

I have also been working on a few other bag ideas as well as some cosmetic pouches and key-fob ideas. I’ll post pictures as I complete the trial runs in future posts.

Here is a picture of youngest a few days ago as I was finishing off the polka dot tote. I have to say, the greatest part of having my own craft area in the basement is that all the toys are down here too. That is wonderful on rainy days like this when youngest would rather play with his Playmobil pirates than me…..but he’s the first in line to do a stinky-pose for the camera!

Happy Wednesday!  Cindy


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