Killer Applique Blocks & Fun Happenings!


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Once again, we had snow showers and bitter temperatures but that didn’t stop us from this:


The famous Monster Truck show!  We have had the toy versions of these trucks in the house for 10 years, but seeing them *live* is always fun. There were lots of flips, overturned trucks and tires popping off this time around which the boys loved.    If you haven’t had a chance to take your kids to one, you really should! It’s quite an experience.

2015-03-09 12.11.33

Back in the studio I have been finishing up my March 1718QAL blocks. They are all done but the big bad *cringe* applique block.  I have sewn an applique block once. Okay, maybe twice. But it was handsewing a circle and a bird. So I have been slowly working on this block.

The background was easy enough. The picture shows you how the final layout should be. All I need to do now is applique the main piece and dark brown pieces and I’ll be done. Then I have to make another one exactly like it. No joke.  By the time this coverlet is done I should be a pro, right?

2015-03-09 12.19.26

Over the weekend I was also able to finish 4 zippered pouches for my shop.  They are a different twist to an open-wide zipper pouch and store a ton!  Isn’t it cute?! I use one of these pouches for my handsewing projects when the kids are at their activities.  Look for these as well as a few more larger bags in My Etsy Shop mid-week. And lastly….

IMG_1086Did you know today marks the start of the Spring 2015 Selfish Sewing Week? I’m re-reading Nana Company’s Sweetly Stitched Handmades, and will be making her jam jar pincushion. It’s a perfect size to put in my hand sewing pouch too!

What are you sewing up this week?

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