Knitting ~ Trying again ~ I will conquer the needles.


I am a crafter. If I see a craft I like, I can usually tackle it and make it a success. But not knitting. I have a few books on knitting for kids. I thought I would get down on their level so I can learn slow and steady. Didn’t work.  So I gave the book to my BIL who promptly learned to knit then spent the next few years making our family the warmest scarves ever. Then he gave me back the book. And I tried again.


And failed.  So now it’s several years later and we’re getting ready to move to Central New York where rumor has it that we can get over 100″ of snow a year. I still don’t believe it, but I need to start shopping for it.  The clothes are easy to shop for, but what I really want are some cute chunky cowls to wear when I’m out.  So after seeing a ton of them on Ravelry and Pinterest, I’ve decided to try again. But this time I’m going b.i.g.

photo 1

Oh, yeah!  US 35 (19mm) 14-inch plastic knitting needles. Thank you Michael’s for offering them and for the US 50’s I was eyeing too. I also purchased a few skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and Cozy Wool. I have a few patterns printed out and remember basic stitches, so this time I’m going to go slooooowwwww and try to conquer this!  If you have any tips for a troubled newbie knitter please share them!! I tend to run into problems with my tension. Some rows too tight, some too loose and always goofy looking.

photo 2

When I successfully complete this project, I want to learn to make knitted boot liners like these. Wishful thinking, huh?  Have a great weekend everyone! ~Cindy~

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  1. Find a yarn shop in your area and take a couple of basic learn-how-to-knit classes. Having someone there to help you with your technique will have you knitting like a pro, in a very short time!!

    1. That is one of the first things on my to-do list after we move. I learn by doing…very visual… YouTube has helped a bit. But you are right, a basic class where I can see someone do it and at a very SLOW pace will probably be what works best for me 🙂

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